Rational Oven Complete Guide

Rational Oven Complete Guide In 2023

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A rational oven can unwind the demanding daily cooking under control. You can bake, roast, steam, blanch, poach, and do so much more all in one appliance! What if you had a piece of cooking equipment that could steam vegetables without making them mushy, bake muffins and rolls with crusty outsides and soft insides, and cook steak and poultry to the perfect doneness without losing moisture? A combi cooker allows you to do all of that and more. Modern combi ovens are simple to set and let you quickly prepare menu items that are unique to you.

What Is A Rational Combi Oven?

Although you frequently learn about them, you are still unsure of how they operate. We’ve got you! Everything about combi ovens that you wished to know but was unsure who to ask is covered here.

Types Of Rational Ovens

The entire line of Rational ovens, including Rational Combi Master and Rational 5 Senses Self Cooking Center ovens, are available from Border Food Machinery. Both gas and electric rational ovens offer different grid sizes, including 6, 10, and 20. To find out what each cooker has to offer, read on.

101 Combi Oven

Combi ovens are frequently associated with hotels, casinos, and military bases—locations where a lot of food is prepared for each meal service—and have long been regarded as a workhorse of the food service business. Fast-casual and independent businesses, however, are also profiting from this. A combi cooker allows you to:

Features Of Combi Ovens

  1. Minimize shrinking. The combi oven removes waste from dried-out or burnt food by cooking with high heat and humidity. Cook regularly. Pre-program menu items so that anyone can prepare meals like an expert.
  2. Increased output. Combination ovens are simple to use, and because they cook food quickly, they save time and work in the kitchen.

To save room. Because a combo oven can perform multiple tasks, one piece of equipment can replace several.

Combi Oven Operation

Convection (dry heat), steam (moist heat), or a combination of the two are the three settings in which combi ovens can operate. In addition to giving the appliance a new function, the ability to add steam to the culinary process raises the relative humidity inside the oven, which enables food to cook at a high temperature without drying out or burning.

  • It can be challenging to figure out the ideal temperatures and humidity levels to use with various foods, including meat, seafood, and vegetables. Fortunately, modern combi ovens are simple to set and let you quickly prepare menu items that are unique to you.
  • Cooking in a combi cooker is simplified with the RATIONAL combi Pro. A touch-screen monitor enables.
  • The iCooking Suite uses sophisticated instruments to keep an eye on the food inside the oven, including its size, quantity, and condition. The system modifies itself while preparing.
  • Important factors guarantee the intended outcome, including temperature, cooking cabinet climate, airspeed, and cooking time. The oven will automatically change the settings based on the load size if you roast a chicken one day and 25 chickens the next using the same parameters.
  • You can also make changes while the food is cooking with the iCombi Pro, giving you more control over the outcome by adding ingredients in a cooking cycle. Organize for Success.
  • The RATIONAL staff of experts assists you at every stage, from model selection to installation, to ensure you are moving in the right direction. Here are some additional factors to consider when selecting your RATIONAL combi oven. Before installation, your local dealer will perform a pre-site survey to ensure specifications are met.

Helpful Precautionary Measures

Make Sure To Size It Properly

When selecting a model size, consider the types of menu items and quantities you will make in the combi oven. Combi ovens are available in 4, 6, or 20-inch versions. The number indicates how many plates the oven can accommodate. A 6 full-size unit, for instance, can accommodate six sheet pans or twelve motel steam table pans. six half-size. unit accommodates six steam table pans from hotels.

Take into account your kitchen’s room as well. The iCombi Pro requires two inches of space on each side and can rest flush against the back wall. Please put it on casters for convenient access or leave space on the left for service. Consider getting a heat shield for the control panel if it will be placed on the left next to a heat source.

Hiding The Emissions

Combi ovens can share a room under a Type I hood with other equipment, but they do need a hood to catch condensation, grease, and smoke from cooking. There isn’t room under a current hood? Operators looking to extend their services have a ventless option with the RATIONAL Ultra Vent Plus recirculating hoods.

For operators who want to extend their services without investing in a new hood or for cooking in unconventional spaces, RATIONAL offer a ventless option.

Energy And Water

Once you decide on a combi oven, you will receive a specification sheet with the water, gas, or electric requirements. Your neighborhood dealer will perform a pre-site inspection to ensure requirements are fulfilled before installation. A single water line and a particular water filtration device are required for RATIONAL combi ovens. It Must Work.

You can begin cooking after a qualified technician sets the combi oven. The best method to make sure you get the most out of the equipment is to have a team that has been adequately trained.

How Does It Start Working?

  • Day 1: A nearby manufacturer’s representative will provide initial startup training upon installation. The representative will go over how to maintain the combi oven for optimum performance and explain its fundamentals.
  • Two weeks later: After you’ve had a chance to get comfortable using the combi oven, a company chef will come in for a half-day to work alongside staff members. The chef will work with diners to alter menu items as needed and ensure that everyone is confident using the combi oven to its maximum capacity.
  • Support that never ends: RATIONAL provides a range of options for ongoing client service to keep brand-new employees informed about their training. For step-by-step directions, you can call or video chat with a chef on the RATIONAL ChefLine. RATIONAL equipment owners can also benefit from the RATIONAL Chef Academy, which offers online and in-person local training classes.
  • Maintaining your combi: A combi cooker can last many years if cleaned and maintained correctly. To prevent flavor transfer when switching from roasting chicken to steaming broccoli during a hectic day, most RATIONAL iCombi Pro models offer a 12-minute interim cleaning procedure. When the day is over, the algorithm counts the number of hours and maintaining your combi: A combi cooker can last many years if cleaned and maintained correctly.
  •  To prevent flavor transfer when switching from roasting chicken to steaming broccoli during a hectic day, most RATIONAL iCombi Pro models offer a 12-minute interim cleaning procedure. The system counts the number of hours and the type of cooking done throughout the day and suggests the best cleaning cycle, ranging from light to firm, with an “Eco” cycle option to save water and energy.
  • A qualified technician should perform routine maintenance on the combi oven to keep it operating at its best. Furthermore, the combi ovens under the RATIONAL name are covered by a standard two-year parts-and-labor warranty and a five-year warranty on the steam generator.

Rational Self-Cooking Center Oven Benefits:

Level Control’s clever mixed load feature allows you to control your breakfast service,  place services swiftly, efficiently, and flexibly. You can cook various meals in one appliance, even Be even more adaptable, keep an eye out, particularly during rush hour, and utilize your tool to the fullest.

Cooking Control is the help feature that quickly carries out your requests. iCooking Control always prepares all food precisely as you want with just the touch of a button.

Efficient Care Control – If requested, your Self Cooking Center will automatically clean and descale itself throughout the period with Efficient Care Control.

The delay start function allows you to plan, eliminating the need to keep an eye on the cooking process and improving your company’s operations.

Rational CombiMaster Oven Advantages

Pure, hygienic fresh steam is produced by a new steam generator, which combines the advantages of gentle steaming with those of cooking in water (specifically, at maximum humidity), resulting in shorter cooking times, vivid colors, delectable flavors, and the preservation of vitamins and minerals. Constant steam temperatures and maximum steam saturation guarantee the finest food quality. The new steam control ensures that the food is constantly and softly surrounded by hygienic, fresh steam, preventing even the most delicate products from drying out.

1: Cooking cabinet humidification – Regardless of the situation, active cooking cabinet humidification works swiftly and consistently. This ensures that even when cooking in large quantities, the roasts are succulent, and the crackling is crunchy.

2: Dynamic air mixture, also known as combining the cooking cabinet’s flow-optimized shape with optimal heat distribution, ensures the heat is used where it is most needed. The food is prepared consistently from the first rack to the last.

You can broil, bake, roast, braise, steam, stew, poach, and a zillion other things.

FAQ’s About Rational Oven

Why do Rational stoves perform so well?

Convection and steam are combined in RATIONAL ovens to consistently cook food equally and perfectly. The food is heated by convection, and the steam guarantees even cooking from the inside out. Food is precisely cooked, with no dry patches or overcooked edges.

What is the primary danger associated with using a rational oven?

Only contact the appliance on the operating controls to avoid burns, as the appliance’s exterior temperatures can rise above 60 °C! Burn danger with the hot water from the hand shower and the hand shower itself!

How long can a logical oven operate?

Combi ovens should last up to 10 years before they need to be replaced, which is about how long most commercial kitchen equipment typically last. What can be prepared using a Rational Combi Oven?

Is Rational cooktop reliable?

Ovens from Rational offer excellent stability. In terms of quality, you can cook a range of foods that we can cook in the oven. It has been a long-standing collaboration, and the equipment is crucial and provides many benefits.

Where is the Rational oven manufactured?

Made entirely in Europe. Two facilities make RATIONAL units: In France’s Wittennheim, where the Vario is created, and Germany’s Landsberg am Lech, the birthplace of all combi-steamers.

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